So, you and your family are relocating again.  I know you are probably a pro by now, but as you know, one of your biggest challenges is getting to know your new community.  I’m sure you have questions.  You need someone here with knowledge of the local life and housing market. Our team will partner with you to be your local resource for any information you need! As you prepare for this journey, some general questions might be:


What are the school districts like?

Which of the schools off the programs or classes your kids need?

Where are the best restaurants, nail salons, hair dressers, and sports leagues?

Where is the Starbucks?


As a military brat and wife, I get it.  That is why, when I work with a military family, I always try to make the transition as simple as possible.  So whether this is your first military PCS , your first home purchase, or one of many, I thought I would offer a few tips to keep in mind as you prepare for your move.


Tip One:  Start researching your new community now.


Don’t wait.  Ask questions. That’s what we are here for!  We are a great source of info!


What schools accommodate your kids’ needs, credit transfers, music, and sports programs? 

What communities get the best reviews? 

Do you want to live on base or off? 

Is it better to work with a local lender or a big corporate provider?

What are the advantages of working with a local lender?

Are the rates better?

What are the commute options to Northern VA.?


A move to a new place can feel less daunting when you know what you’re getting into and there is a friend there you can lean on for some solid answers.


Tip Two:  Take steps to ease the transition for your family.


Try to find at least one thing for each family member to look forward to in the new location! Maybe it is a great sports program, excellent restaurants, outdoor activities, a fantastic museum, or the carriage ride around town.  Getting your family excited about your move can cut down on stress and add some fun to the process.  Involve them in your home search.  Maybe they can pick their room and visit schools.  Most schools welcome the “inquiring great school” family.


Tip Three:  If you are buying a home, don’t make any other big financial commitments while you’re under contract.


The home search will be planned and organized by my team.  By the time we hit the road, you will have done your research.  I will confirm that all properties are fully available.  We will map out and make appointments so our time will be used wisely.  My goal is to plan, execute, and accomplish the mission of finding your family their next home.


Once you are locked into your loan, don’t make any large purchases.  That includes cars, appliances, or anything else outside of ordinary spending.  Don’t open any new lines of credit, and don’t take out or co-sign any new loans.  This keeps your credit in good standing so you will qualify for the best loan product at the best interest rate. 


Just some food for thought. We don’t want any bumps on the road to the settlement table!


Let’s do this!


Your Real Estate Mom on Mission


Missy Walden

National Association of Expert Advisors