Buying a home is a challenge in any season of life, but a military realtor knows that the needs of your family are particularly unique and complex. Working with a specially trained military realtor helps you gain peace of mind by allowing you to achieve the smoothest, most stress-free relocation possible. Here are four reasons why you should choose to work with a military realtor:

1. They Get It

A military realtor understands the unique challenges of military life, and can offer insight into your particular situation that an average realtor just can’t. They’ve been there. They have the utmost respect for your family and the sacrifices you make every day to serve our country. This is the kind of person you want on your team when making such a life-changing decision.

2. A Military Realtor Knows Their Stuff

A realtor with a military background understands the sometimes complicated ins and outs of VA loan programs, which might be an essential part of your transition. They know where other military families live in the area, what support systems are already in place, and they will be sensitive to the emotional and relational needs of your family.

3. They Understand the Military Lifestyle

It’s far from easy to uproot an entire family and move them across the country (or even across the world). Re-establishing healthy community connections, friendships, and a terrific support system in a new place is a difficult task, to say the least. And an even greater challenge is present if one partner is deployed during the process. A military realtor understands these challenges, and can advocate for you as well as stand in the gap during a challenging time. They can allow you to have an ideal relocation for your family, even under the most complex of circumstances.

4. They Will Be Your Advocate

A military realtor can be your local eyes and ears in a new community when you can’t be there yourself. They can seek out a home with your taste, while having a compassionate eye for the neighborhood, local schools, regional crime rates, and other issues that might be of concern to your family. A military realtor doesn’t just think of you as a dollar sign. They are there to answer every question, do the research and help you find a home in a welcoming community.

Missy Walden grew up as an Army brat and is now an Air Force wife. She doesn’t just sympathize with military families; she has always been a part of one! When facing the unique challenges of moving your family into a new home, Missy can get the job done with exceptional aplomb and compassion. Contact Missy today if you’d like to speak with her about your relocation!