Congratulations!  You did it.  Your children have all moved out of the house, or maybe, very soon, they will all be gone.  You’ve accomplished another of your major life goals.  While you will always be a parent, you are about to enter a new chapter of life full of freedom and great enjoyment.

It’s time to tackle another life goal:  savoring the empty nest and rediscovering your relationship with your spouse.

You should maximize this new-found freedom.  Make a strategic plan together.  Try this…

Begin by taking the time to research and dream about what you want that time together to look like.  Ask questions like:

“Where do we want to go?”  
“Who do we want to visit?”
“What new thing do we want to learn?”
“Should we buy that Harley or go on a riverboat cruise?”

Of course, every couple’s questions are different, so start spending time dreaming about what you think would be fun to do.

So, pick destinations and experiences that will help you rediscover each other and reinvigorate your relationship.  Understandably, a house full of children causes parents to make relational sacrifices.  Find common hobbies and places that bring you together.

The next part of the plan is the most ingenious.  Just take it day by day.  Now you have the time to really plan for you!  Get as much out of each day as you can, and commit to being patient and flexible with each other.

A way to keep the “family together” would be to also plan an annual gathering.  You don’t want the kids to think you totally have moved on (even though you have taken down all the posters and redecorated their rooms)!  Kindly allow some input from the kids, but ultimately, you decide where and what your event will be to celebrate your lovely family.  Cherish all the time together at these gatherings.  They will love you even if its an oyster roast in your own backyard with cornhole!

Your priceless asset is time.  Share it generously with those you love, but do be selfish and cognizant that now is your turn!  Enjoy it without guilt.  You deserve it.

If your empty nesting includes a home sale or purchase, our team would love to assist you. 

Your Real Estate Mom on Mission

Missy Walden
National Association of Expert Advisors