Marketing your home can feel like an overwhelming process even when you’re living in it. Trying to sell it from across the country, (or even the world), is a different struggle entirely. You’ll need all the help you can get to have peace of mind as you embark on selling your home. Here are a few expert tips to get you started.

Tips for Marketing Your Home

Consider having your home professionally staged.

Staging can make a huge difference in selling your home quickly, and getting the best price possible for it. If you are currently living elsewhere, half the job is already done. Much of the bother of the staging process involves removing clutter and personal items from the space, which is a non-issue if your home is already unoccupied. A beautifully staged home can really set your home apart in a crowded market.

Invest in excellent photography.

Most home marketing happens online and via social media, which is an ideal setup when you are living far away. Often, your marketing is only as good as your pictures. Find a great photographer that will show off your home to its best aspects, and do a high definition video walkthrough as well. Many lovely homes have been passed over by potential buyers due to low-quality photography.

Hire a professional when marketing your home

There is no better time to hire a realtor who is a military relocation specialist than now. They can be your representative and advocate in your absence, and ensure that you get the best possible price for your home. A military relocation specialist is uniquely trained to meet your family’s needs from afar. There is no better choice you can make when selling your home from hundreds or even thousands of miles away. No other type of realtor is as thoroughly educated in the unique needs of the military family, and how to meet them with both efficiency and compassion.

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