Looking for a home in an artistic community like Stafford, VA? Here are five things to do in Stafford that will inspire your creativity, support the arts, and cultivate the community.

Five Artistic Events and Activities in Stafford, VA

1. Entrée Act: Murder Mystery Troupe

Entrée Act is a traveling theatre troupe that performs murder mysteries. Their “Theatre-in-the-Round” style immerses the audience in the show, and the performers frequently involve the crowd with dances and songs. The audience surrounds the performers on all sides, so there is no set or stage. This troupe provides a truly unique experience for all involved, and they can perform right in the comfort of your Stafford, Virginia home!

2. Gari Melchers Home and Studio at Belmont

Gari and Corinne Melchers were extremely successful artists who fell in love and spent their lives creating and sharing their art. Their home is now a National Historic Landmark, and it is full of art galleries, outdoor gardens, a museum store and several walking trails. Tours are available daily, and you can experience the gardens and trails free of charge.

3. Bella Cafe

This cafe has great food, live music, and a comfortable atmosphere. Every Tuesday, they offer Family Game Night, and every Wednesday and Saturday are karaoke nights. Use the opportunity to create your own music and sing along, all while enjoying your dinner. Each Friday night they host an open mic night, so if you are a singer, songwriter, comedian, or actor, you are welcome to perform! On Saturdays, local musicians from Stafford, Virginia provide entertainment for the crowds.

4. Riverside Center Theatre

The Riverside Center Theatre offers Broadway-like productions following a three-course meal. The performers graciously serve the audience members, and the menu includes options for everyone–even those with a gluten allergy or gluten-free preferences. The theatre also offers dinner shows for children, which include a kid-friendly menu. The Riverside Center Theatre in Stafford, Virginia is a perfect way to experience the enchantment of live theatre.

5. Friday Night Music at Potomac Point Winery

Friday nights at Potomac Point Winery include live music, vineyard views, wine and delicious food. The event runs from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM and has a five dollar cover charge. Use your Friday night to relax, eat and drink, and enjoy great local music in Stafford, Virginia.

Stafford, Virginia has plenty of fun activities for the lovers of music, theatre and art. If you think Stafford, Virginia seems like the perfect location for you to live on your own, raise a family, or settle down, contact us today. We would love to meet you.