A military relocation specialist isn’t just an ordinary realtor. They invest significant time, money, and effort into becoming specially certified to meet your family’s needs. Why do they do this? Because they care. Military relocation specialists often have first-hand experience living the military lifestyle, and they are passionate about serving other families like their own. So what makes a military relocation specialist unique?

A Military Relocation Specialist is specially trained and certified.

Military relocation specialists have to invest many hours into the training required to earn their certification. They are already top-notch, highly trained realtors who take the time to invest in support of the military community. A realtor who wants to become a military relocation specialist must already be in great standing with the National Association of Realtors to even begin the training.

They must be experts in VA Home Loans.

If you are navigating the process of obtaining a VA Home Loan, a military relocation specialist has your back. They have worked tirelessly to know the ins and outs of the VA loan system to ensure you will be able to reap the most benefits possible. They are the perfect person to ask all of your questions, and they can advocate for you with the VA.

They must be invested in their military community.

When seeking a military relocation specialist, you will find most of them headquartered in major military towns. They make it a point to sink deep roots into the community so they can better serve their clients. They know how to navigate the choice between on or off base housing. They know the schools. They know the neighborhoods. They know what support systems are already in place for military families like yours. They know how close military healthcare and mental health support is, and how to tap into it. A military relocation specialist isn’t just an expert in reality; they are an expert in all the nuances of military family life. They are just the person you want on your team.

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